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Audio: Baby Jaymes f Yunsta, “Posted”

May 08, 2007

This post really deserves an animated ambulance siren GIF and glitter letters with "R&B HEAT ALERT!!!" underneath. After recording "Posted," former Gen F-er Baby Jaymes and Yunsta called NASA on three-way and told them that spaceships are going to take off from Oakland from now on. We hear that Ryan Leslie had something to do with the beat? Internet rumor? Mislabled empeethree? Someone get at us.

Update: Get at us you did! Turns out the track was birthed by Mark Garvy and Baby Jaymes for Ghetto Retro Productions, not R-Les (as certain European filesharing sites would have us believe). More on Baby Jaymes to come...

Posted: May 08, 2007
Audio: Baby Jaymes f Yunsta, “Posted”