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Photo: Style Week Jamaica

May 30, 2007

Roadblocking a good chunk of downtown Kingston this past weekend, Saint International’s Style Week was spine-tingly epic. Why bother with snoozy plastic tents when you can have a massive pyro-tastic runway smack-bang in the middle of a Caribbean street!?! With bonus orchestral choir and marching band!

Fireworks and drummers aside, the designers that rep’d for the Islands showed us how color and theatrics are really done—designer Melissa Dunkley sent models down the runway in gorgeous second-skin neon suits that looked even better after a torrential cloudburst, and Andrew Ramroop, a British designer by way of Trinidad (The Streets name checks his Saville Row store on his latest album) brought some rainbow-hued, awesomely tailored swagger to the show. Other unexpected goodness: local-turned-international strutter Sosheba, back from her model travels for an appearance on home soil. She was first discovered standing at her high school gates by Saint International founder Dewight Peters. Just like last year, the FADER crew hit the road and captured it all. After the jump, a trailerload of photos, and check in tomorrow for more of our clear-eyed coverage of the wild style of Jamaica.

Posted: May 30, 2007
Photo: Style Week Jamaica