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Who’s Got My Extra: Tending Devendra’s Mind Garden

June 04, 2007

By now you've hopefully devoured the massive retrospective of reminiscences and ruminations on Jerry Garcia featured in our current issue, but when you interview over 20 far out individuals and end up with hours of digital tape there's much more material then 24 pages can contain. Over the following days we'll be posting choice nugs that didn't make it to print.

Today, stream or download the audio as we follow Devendra Banhart down the rabbit hole while he relays "three significant things...that I relate with the Grateful Dead and particularly Jerry Garcia."

Devendra Banhart Interview, Pt. I (right click, save-as)

Devendra Banhart Interview, Pt. II

Devendra Banhart Interview, Pt. III

Posted: June 04, 2007
Who’s Got My Extra: Tending Devendra’s Mind Garden