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Peanut Butter Wolf vs. Los Angeles, Day 4

June 14, 2007

PB Wolf continued his assault on the dancefloors of Los Angeles last night with a set of reggae 7"s at the Echo's weekly Dub Club. As Wolf writes on his blog of the events, "Dub Club is a great thing…They got a huge crowd (biggest of any of the nights I chose for my 7 days)," so the pressure was on. But, as you will see from the setlist after the jump, Peanut Butter jellied that shit. Tonight he hits the Silver Lake enclave Little Temple with probably his easiest task, a set of hip hop 45s, so go if you can or come back tomorrow when we will have it all right here for you.

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Day 4

Venue: Dub Club

Genre: Reggae 7” singles

1.  Dave & Ansil Collins – “Double Barrel” (Big Tree)

2.  Winston Wright – “My-Love & I” (GG’s)

3.  U-Roy – “Tom Drunk” (Treasure)

4.  Stranger Cole – “Crying Every Night” (Treasure)

5.  Slim Smith – “My Conversation” (Techniques)

6.  The Heptones – “Give Me the Right” (Success)

7.  John Holt – “Stealing Stealing” (Treasure Isle)

8.  Barrington Levy – “Black Roses” (Jah Life)

9.  Barrington Levy – “Here I Come” (Time 1

10. U. Brown – “Tu Shueng Peng” (Emmanuel Music)

11. Dennis Brown – “Revolution” (Taxi Oldies)

12. Kojak & Lisa – “Fist To Fist” (Joe Gibbs)

13. Culture – “See Them A Come” (Joe Gibbs)

14. Anthony Johnson – “Gun Shot” (Midnight Rock)

15. Sugar Minnott – “Rude Boy” (TDS Productions)

16. Tenor Saw – “Lots of Sign” (Youth)

17. Eek-A-Mouse – “Sensimenia” (Thompson Sound)

18. Scorcher Ranks – “Mini Van Driver” (Prophet)

19. Papa Mitchigan & General Smiley – “Nice Up the
Dance” (Studio 1)

20. Prince Jazzbo – “Babylon Kingdom” (Wild Flower)

21. Linval Thompson – “Jah Jah Red Red” (Sun Shot)

22. Desmond Dekker & the Aces – “Problems” (UNI)

23. Supercat – “Dan Dadda” (Wild Apache)

24. Nardo Ranks – “Burrup inst” (Gold Disc)

25. Mr. Vegas – “Jack It Up” (K.Licious Music)

26. Paul Topper – “National Dish inst” (Harp Music)

27. Junior Mervin – “Roots Train No. 1” (Black Art)

28. Patrick Anoy – “Baby Don’t Go” (Prophet)

29. Linval Thompson – “Jah is Coming” (Thompson Sound)

30. Horace Andy – “Problems” (Pressure Sounds)

31. Dennis Brown – “Let Love In” (White Label)

32. Barry Brown – “Peace & Love” (Midnight Rock)

33. Sister Nancy – “One Two” (Techniques)

34. The Survivers – “Live Out the 70s” (High Note)

35. Barrington Levy – “Jumpy Girl” (Midnight Rock

36. I. Roy – “Who Is The Man” (Mummy)

37. Max Romeo – “Chase The Devil” (Charmax Music)

38. Josey Wales – “It Have Fe Bun” (Volcano)

39. Mighty Diamonds – “Proverbs” (Bad Gong)

40. Kojak & Liza – “Bam Bam” (Joe Gibbs)

Posted: June 14, 2007
Peanut Butter Wolf vs. Los Angeles, Day 4