Audio: Wale, 100 Miles and Running Mixtape

July 11, 2007


Sometimes different aspects of the FADER come together perfectly. Like, we’re building one of those super hard 3D puzzles of the White House and then we finish it and we feel like we’ve learned about how the world is all connected and totally one interlocking cohesive unit. ANYWAY, the point is that FADER editor Nick Catchdubs went to DC to cover rising rap stars Wale and Tabi Bonney for FADER 44, and next thing we knew, the pair were playing our FADER party and Nick was doing a mixtape with Wale. Everything is connected! You can get the free, Catchdubs mixed 100 Miles and Running mixtape on Wale's MySpace page (or direct from zShare) right now, but in case you somehow need convincing, here's a preview of a mega jam from the disc. Tracklist after the jump.

Wale - "W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E."

Let's Ride f. Daniel Merriweather (Produced by Mark Ronson)

DC Gorillaz (Produced by Best Kept Secret)

Breakdown (Produced by HitterQuitter Boyz)

Ice Cream Girl (Produced by Best Kept Secret)

Tasty Skit


Jay Joint (Produced by Judah)

Please Listen (Produced by Judah)

The People

Daytona Squared (Produced by Judah)

Bonified f. Tabi Bonney (Produced by DJ Book and DJ Jealousy)


Good Girls (Produced by Teamwork Music)


Warming Up Cane

Smile Remix (Produced by Mark Ronson)

Camp Lo

Nobody (Produced by DJ Analyze)


Rediscover Me (Produced by Aqua)

Posted: July 11, 2007
Audio: Wale, 100 Miles and Running Mixtape