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Audio: Euros Childs, “Horse Riding”

July 19, 2007

So apparently some people in this office are still dealing with childhood horse camp denial, but not us. Horse camp is all in the mind, dude! We'll be sending our children to the treehouse with a handful of crayons and extra-sugary Kool-Aid to draw pictures of ponies flying over Mamba Mountain and blasting Euros Childs jams through the skylight in our yurt. Euros just posted three new songs off the upcoming The Miracle Inn on his
MySpace (he's also got a bunch of freebies on his website) and we're putting up the first single "Horse Riding" to inspire the staffer who never made it to pony school. Euros Child, by the way, used to be in the amazing Welsh band
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci whose videos, in addition to some free candy, have made us kinda wacky this afternoon.

Posted: July 19, 2007
Audio: Euros Childs, “Horse Riding”