NYC: The Dante Fried Chicken Show

July 29, 2007

Video: DFC Episode #1

Dante Gonzales came through FADER HQ a couple months ago, showed us the first episode of his variety show and fed us a meal we still think about every day we have to settle for grocery store sushi for lunch. We mentioned the show in Issue 46, but you can check it out for yourself today as Dante and friends cook up the next episode (#5) somewhere in the Big Apple. The menu is as follows:

Live jams by:
Rye Rye

and others…

Live eats of:

Antie Pamela's Curry Yucca Island Fry Chicken/Tofu

Spanish Black Eyed Peas Salad

Blueberry Guinness Beef/Tofu Brisket

Corn Tomato Ginger & Fennel Salad

RSVP to to get on the list and get the location, dig up $8 to get in and you'll get a drink, a plate of food, party jams and maybe a date with Bitch Monkey.

Posted: July 29, 2007
NYC: The Dante Fried Chicken Show