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Live: Sonic Youth at McCarren Park Pool

July 30, 2007

Lee Ranaldo, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore onstage at McCarren Park Pool (not pictured, Steve Shelley)

Sonic Youth played the last of its Daydream Nation shows over the weekend, rocking out poolside at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. Instead of braving the lines for beer and port-o-johns (on the right) we were lucky to have friends (thanks, dudes!) with a balcony view of all the festivities. The downtown legends played their masterstroke in its entirety, coming back out on stage to bruise still-functioning eardrums even further with some more new-ish jams like "Do You Believe in Rapture" and "Pink Steam." While listening and watching from afar, we killed three bags of chips and drank many many beers, the effects of which hindered our abilities to snap photos for you. Lucky for you bozos (Ed. us bozos), we're problem solvers. Now then, please sit back and marvel.

Posted: July 30, 2007
Live: Sonic Youth at McCarren Park Pool