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Class Dismissed

August 02, 2007

True fact: in high school if we were late three times we got sentenced to in-school suspension, which ruled because it meant if we were late frequently enough, we never had to go to class! But unlike the under-21ers featured on Channel ENT’s compilation In School Suspension, it just didn’t occur to us that we ought to spend our lost time plotting how to become the soundtrack to sideshows and burnouts everywhere. Then again, we weren’t serving up beats that sound like some Sergio Leone meets underwater subsonic bass type shit. A portion of all proceeds from this compilation featuring Bay Area cool kids Allen Jay, The Pack, Kid Flaco, Go Dav, Nova Boy, Diligentz and others will go to non-profit, because, as the saying in our home country goes, the children are the future.

The Cataracts f. The Pack, "Blueberry Afghani"

Posted: August 02, 2007
Class Dismissed