Free Shit: Kevin Drew

August 27, 2007

We've basically put every member of Broken Social Scene in the magazine individually at this point, including Kevin Drew in our current issue, so it is with particular joy that we announce BSS will be coming together to play Drew's new album Spirit If… live in Boston tomorrow night at TT the Bears. It's free and it's all ages, but be awares you might get drooled on by Rupie M if you stand too close to the cash register. Hopefully, the whole troupe will join Drew on Wednesday when he comes to New York for a McCarren pool show. And since we're talking free and Kevin Drew, you can download "Tbtf" courtesy of Arts & Crafts below as well as our the new FADER and its accompanying audio podcast.

Download: "Tbtf"

FADER 48 free pdf download

           FADER 48 free audio podcast

Posted: August 27, 2007
Free Shit: Kevin Drew