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Live: Bill Callahan in NYC

September 10, 2007

On Friday night we headed over to the Highline Ballroom to witness FADER 45 cover star Bill Callahan hit the stage with his now trademark tiny guitar. Callahan provided a sometimes melancholy and other times near exuberant selection of old and new material, and he's a great performer because he is exactly that: a performer. He's extremely understated without being boring, and travels through emotional ranges seamlessly. It's not quite Fall yet, but Callahan's music—even the happier stuff—was the perfect seasonal transition for our minds (it's still summer outside our wrinkly brains though dudes!) Check the link below to watch video footage from our FADER 45 issue release party featuring Callahan backed by Joanna Newsom on piano and Jim White on drums.

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Posted: September 10, 2007
Live: Bill Callahan in NYC