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Video: About A Son Trailer

September 21, 2007

From FADER #48:

It’s been some 13 years and change since the death of Kurt Cobain and save for the slow trickling of posthumous releases (thanks Courtney) About a Son is the first clear glimpse we’ve had of the pioneer since. Having collected over 25 hours of interview audio with Cobain for his book Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana, author/journalist Michael Azerrad linked with director A.J. Schnack to create a haunting aural portrait of a youth just as frustrated by the trappings of American small-town homogeneity as the next. The interviews with Cobain serve as fireside narration to Schnack’s Pacific Northwest travelogue footage, tracing the Nirvana frontman’s footsteps from the perma-gray of his hometown of Aberdeen to the sleepy Seattle he forever changed. Schnack’s juxtapositions of the physical majesty of Washington State with the shut-in causticity inherent not just in Cobain’s personal meditations, but his power chords as well.

Posted: September 21, 2007
Video: About A Son Trailer