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Kanye Is Number One (Until The Next Kidz Bop Comes Out)

September 24, 2007

Recent rumblings around the internet suggest Curtis is better than Graduation (you're entitled, but YOUR GEOMETRIC SHAPES ARE LYING), and that its overwhelming numbers on the charts last week were buoyed by Def Jam's large scale purchase of Graduation with company money. We like to think of those numbers instead as a result of more people liking Kanye's album than Curtis' album, but what do we know. What we do know is what Kanye told us waaaayy back in Issue 20 in his very first cover story (pre-College Dropout), that his ambitions were not just to outsell another rapper, but to be Number One. He wanted to be a pop star, ("Pop just means shit that went out and got pop-u-lar," he said.) and now he is. And so are you, Curtis, as proven by 600,000 Americans and a ton of Belgians! Also, Curtis never mentioned us in a song. Brownie points! Anyway, we're just tipping our hats to Kanye before tomorrow's numbers come out and before he goes on Nightline tonight at 11:30pm EST and says some crazy shit (Crazy shit guaranteed on the repeat of Kanye's Jimmy Kimmel appearance at 12am).

Kanye Raps About The FADER On A Mixtape And The FADER Gets Souped

Posted: September 24, 2007
Kanye Is Number One (Until The Next Kidz Bop Comes Out)