So Extra: Devendra Banhart Talkin’ Crazy

September 27, 2007

We're going to see Devvy Bizzlehart & the Spiritual Boner tonight at the Grand Ballroom, and then we're gonna go home and listen to Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, and then we're gonna smoke drink some herbs (tea), and then we're gonna go to sleep, and then we're gonna wake up and tell you about it. If you can't join us, take solace in these incredible audio outtakes smuggled back from Topanga Canyon by our ever-resourceful Editor-in-Chief Alex Wagner from her Issue 48 cover story interview with the bearded angel of pop.

Devendra on the high school experience that changed his musical life:

Devendra on the inspiration for "Tonada Yanomaminista" (hint: drugs):

Devendra on magically meeting Gael García Bernal:

Devendra on mean New York and nice California:

Posted: September 27, 2007
So Extra: Devendra Banhart Talkin’ Crazy