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Audio: The Federation, ’t's Whateva Album

October 02, 2007

We've been talking about the the Federation's It's Whateva album for so long that its actual release feels kinda like getting that first car after begging for it for five years. We don't know what to do, sit there and stare at it or load it full of people and whip donuts. Whatever, there's an Al B. Sure! sample on here, we're whipping donuts. You can now officially purchase It's Whateva
on iTunes, but before you do that, preview the whole damn thing in the media platform of your choice through the links below.

Quicktime (hi res)
Windows Media (hi res)
Real Media (hi res)

World Premiere of Federation's "Happy I Met You" video
The Federation in F40

Posted: October 02, 2007
Audio: The Federation, ’t's Whateva Album