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Watch: Vh1’s Hip Hop Honors

October 08, 2007

Hell yes.

We missed the taping of Vh1's Hip Hop Honors last Thursday but made it out to the New Yorker Dance Party on Friday night which was tied in to the Honors along with parties all over the city. FADER la Familia Nick Catchdubs had some old-timers jumpstarting their Cialis on the dancefloor before Diplo made a whole lot of people do things that will never ever be mentioned in the New Yorker, like ever. But now that all the parties are over we can all sit back with an ice pack and watch the actual
Hip Hop Honors show tonight at 10p EST. Expect T-Pain to not sound like Aaron Hall, Lupe to minorly flub a Tribe verse, that dude from Whodini to stay looking like a Gucci gunfighter and a whole lot more. You can preview some of the performances online but it's probably better viewed as the spectacle it was meant to be.

Posted: October 08, 2007
Watch: Vh1’s Hip Hop Honors