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Audio: Two of Greensleeves’ Biggest One Drops

October 09, 2007

Pressure Buss Pipes with some kind of incense

Reggae stalwarts Greensleeves Records dropped their annual compilation of the biggest one drop anthems today, somewhat misleadingly titled Biggest One Drop Anthems 2007. It’s a good one, the lead 45 off the comp being Ray Darwin's “People’s Choice” a two-tonish rocksteady throwback that just gets better every time you run it. (Lyrically it’s a good thing to have stuck in your head during the run-up to the run-up to the 2008 presidential elections). “Love and Affection” by Pressure Buss Pipes is also a champ in several categories: 1. Least original title but 2. Best/most heartfelt lover’s rock tune in years, plus 3. Best artist name of all time. The rest of the 20 tracks include appearances by FADER-featured artists Munga, Buju Banton, Sizzla, Gyptian and Jah Cure so in the spirit of puff-puff give, bump these two and then go buy the CD.

Ray Darwin, "People's Choice"

Pressure Buss Pipes, "Love and Affection"

Posted: October 09, 2007
Audio: Two of Greensleeves’ Biggest One Drops