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Live: Pinback at Nokia Theatre, NYC

October 10, 2007


It’s not often you go see a stoner rock show and hear a band member tell the crowd to "cut out the puffin." Rob Crow gently laid out his request saying “Sorry if this sounds dickish, but I really don’t want to be high, so please stop smoking weed out there.” Pinback was still able to weave their way through a solid set, albeit through a steady cloud of the crowd's defiant smoke. Mostly airing out tunes from their latest album Autumn of the Seraphs, the core duo of Crow and Zach Smith responded to a chorus of requests for “Penelope” off Blue Screen Life by stating "Penelope? There is no fucking way we are playing that piece of shit on this tour,” before playing it anyway. The Nokia Theatre flattened much of the rich, intricate structures Pinback have become known for, but the band made up for poor sound with great songs, even though we still have no idea what they're saying half the time.

Posted: October 10, 2007
Live: Pinback at Nokia Theatre, NYC