FADER CMJ Sideshow: Day One

October 18, 2007

Adrian Orange

We caught Adrian Orange and High Places at The FADER Sideshow delivered by at&t last night, drank from the mountainous stacks of Bud Select and rivers of SoCo punch and zoned, or at least tried to zone, because, dudes, it was loud. When we got there our own fallen hero Nick Catchdubs was playing jam after jam until barefooted hippie Adrian Orange hit the stage and asked that "somebody please play the drums." And, lucky for him (and us all), he was backed by High Places and master booker Todd P. He noodled, sat, stood, read/sang from his notebook, drank a beer, kept it real.

High Places were on next, a plethora of shakers and sea shells. For just two people, they sound big and windy, sounds of beachy vacations come and gone. Where is the guitar sound coming from? There's only two of you and one of you is just singing! Must be magic. Also magic is the ineffable French cool of Kavinsky, who DJ'd after the whole shebang went down, leather jacket and slick hair of a future icon.
Earlier in the day, while we working, Sideshow visitors were treated to the racket of LA's Health, local tweakers MGMT and more.

Check back soon for video footage, and, if you've RSVP'd, come by the The FADER Sideshow over the next few days for more drinks, jams, games and more jams. We'll also be adding photos right here as they come in.

Posted: October 18, 2007
FADER CMJ Sideshow: Day One