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CMJ Elsewheres: Simian Mobile Disco @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

October 19, 2007

Thank god
Simian Mobile Disco
have a killer light show. The British dance nerds and FADER faves came out with a simple but effective lighting extravaganza and a massive set of gear set up in the middle of the stage in relief of our thinning patience (thanks boring electro DJ dude!). For a little over an hour James Ford (the dude with the fro) and Jas Shaw (the dude with the glasses) played a seamless mix of jams from Attack Decay Sustain Release in all it’s blip-house glory, moving and bobbing from the thing that looks like a robotic patch bay with a crapload of cables to the sequencer thing and back again. Most of the packed crowd were bugging out pretty hard, especially during bangers like "It's The Beat" and "Hustler, and an accompanying wave of weed smoke kept wafting through the air of the brand new Music Hall Of Williamsburg. The bouncers pointed and talked on walkie-talkies in an effort to thwart the partiers but ultimately failed at keeping the kids un-high. They did, however, succeed at kicking us out of the venue for photographing and dancing during a gospel-like encore of “I Believe” for no apparent reason. Sorry for liking acid house, Dr. Muscles.

Posted: October 19, 2007
CMJ Elsewheres: Simian Mobile Disco @ Music Hall of Williamsburg