Fool’s Gold Tour Blog: NYC

October 22, 2007

Video: A-Trak plays his remix of SMD's "Hustler" at Hiro Ballroom

Homie For Life, Nick Catchdubs is temporarily back in the FADER fold for the duration of the Fool's Gold tour—blogging about his exploits and adventures as he and the rest of the FG crew travel around the US and keep going back to Canada. Here's the second installment from their show in New York:

Even though we just did a date in Mr Macklovich's Montreal motherland (don't test my alliteration game) and are headed toward a sold-out show at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, our NYC gig at Hiro Ballroom for CMJ definitely felt like the "homecoming" of the tour. It wasn't just the line around the block—although that was nice—but the fact that everyone who showed up got real live, and not just measured against folded-arms, seen-it-all NYC standards.

Cool Kids

After doing a bunch of interviews (holding the big MTV News microphone instantly makes that BOOM BA DOOM BOOMP, DOOBA DOOP DOOP DOO DAAA Megadeth bass sample play in your head, and you just want to be like, HI I'M TABITHA SOREN AND WE ARE ROCKING THE VOTE IN 1992!) they opened the doors and I started playing Dungeon Family and other warm-up heaters. Kid Cudi introduced himself to the totally sold-out crowd with a quick set including his stoner jam "Day N Nite" (we just got it mastered - check for the 12" out soon), then the Cool Kids came onstage to bust out their MySpace favorites along with some brand new cuts.

Kid Sister

Kid Sister (absolutely resplendent in a disco-ball lookin sequined top) killed her set, with "Pro Nails" the runaway favorite (plug plug plug), then A-Trak and Medhi got on and took the crowd spelunking in the rave cave. Pase Rock got onstage and took over shout out duties, then the silver fox, Kavinsky, batted cleanup on CD-Js.


DJ Mehdi

If that sounds like an exceptionally brief rundown, it's because IT IS!!!! We on tour and we busy! Google us. Hugs to Thunder Horse on their exceptional live visuals, MTV for taping us, James from Siman Mobile Disco for rocking out with a broken collar bone, Dangerous Dan of Bang Gang / Ksubi and Miss Info for stopping by (and shouting us out on Hot 97 the next day), and a bunch of other fine dancing folks I am forgetting to shout out by name. Posts on Vancouver and the rest of the shows coming soon...

Posted: October 22, 2007
Fool’s Gold Tour Blog: NYC