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On the Street Trend Report: Afro-Punk

October 22, 2007

We sent Cedric on a special CMJ fashion mission last Friday to Afro-Punk's Soundclash where the likes of Santogold, Spank Rock and Yo Majesty performed. Onstage and off, Cedric breaks it down (pics after the jump):

The Afro-Punk Movement is the golden child of legendary punk innovator/director James Spooner. At the recent CMJ Afro-Punk Soundclash at Irving Plaza last Friday, attendees rocked out and represented for the underground fashion elite. Key trends: Head to toe black, headbands redux, chunky workboots à la 1990s grunge era, technicolor tops/tights, pom pom shorts, and feather head-dresses.

Posted: October 22, 2007
On the Street Trend Report: Afro-Punk