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Dollars To Pounds: New New Cross

October 25, 2007

Ever since the idiots started moving into Hoxton, people have been talking up New Cross as London’s new cultural hub. It’s the scruffy South London borough where arty Goldsmiths College students collide with a gamut of immigrant cultures, rents are cheaper than North of the river (especially as several groups of art students established squats in the area between Deptford and Peckham) and pub venues are plentiful. Back in 2003, Angular Records released the scene-defining The New Cross comp, featuring Bloc Party and Art Brut, and a couple of years later Klaxons emerged from New Cross, forever scarring the area with new rave. Walk down New Cross Road today and you can usually see crowds of ludicrously-attired neon kids mingling with the tramps and the builders, it’s pretty funny.

However, even though the cool kids seem to have taken over little pubs like the New Cross Inn and The Birds Nest to promote everything from band clashes to art shows, there still wasn’t too much reason for outsiders to make the journey to an area where tribute band mecca The Venue (top floor: indie, middle floor: chart, bottom floor: cheese) was the only club. Until now.

Posted: October 25, 2007
Dollars To Pounds: New New Cross