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Freeload: Rafter, “ZZZPenchant”

October 25, 2007

Today is Listen To Promos That We Got Day here at the FADER office, and the first one we put in, from San Deigo jameleon (jams of many colors?) Rafter, pretty much ended the chances of all other promos getting heard. First of all, Sex, Death, Cassette doesn't come out until January 2008, but it starts out with this song which sounds like Hot Chip and Clarence Clemons dipping peanut butter in each other's chocolate. Second of all, every song after "ZZZPenchant" is a different kind of awesome (18 kinds of awesome) and there are no skits. Holler! Also, red beards are hard to come by. This dude is amazing!

Download: Rafter, "ZZZPenchant" from Sex, Death, Cassette

Posted: October 25, 2007
Freeload: Rafter, “ZZZPenchant”