Fool’s Gold Tour Blog: Chicago + Toronto

October 26, 2007

Here it is, the elusive final wrap-up of our last two shows on the inaugural Fool's Gold tour! First and foremost, we have to give a massive shout to all the individual folks who headbanged and glowsticked and yes-yes-y'alled to make these parties possible - from the elderly cabdrivers who got us home safely to the girls Kavinsky met on who vomited on us. Allow me to paraphrase the don dada DJ Khaled: YOU DA BEST!

Once we landed in Chicago, we made a quick stop at Casa Kid Sis to say hello to her two puppies, then trekked over to the Empty Bottle. Major Taylor was very much in effect mode.

I jammed tunes as the venue filled up, then the Cool Kids came out to pop lyrical BMX wheelies.

Kid Sister held it down for the Go as well, with multiple cousins in the audience! Someone brought her new glasses as a gift - I don't think they're gonna replace the Oakleys any time soon, but they're not without their a charm of their own.

A-Trak and Mehdi started jamming out as usual - then all of a sudden, the Cobra Snake appeared)! And Steve Aoki! And a girl who danced on Steve Aoki! We bring the party, people.

In the midst of the on-stage hugging and dancing and filling of water bottles with Stoli, Kavinsky went and dropped his best set of the tour (although if I'm keeping it extra real, both he and Mehdi were slightly bummed that ACTUAL Chicago house songs couldn't muster half the crowd reaction the Daft Punk catalog received...)

Yes, that boy is holding up a Kavinsky song on his iPhone while Kavinsky played said song. See what happens when you can't hold up lighters in clubs anymore?!?!?!

DJ Gant Man even showed up to close out the night with some juke juke juke juke juke juke juke juke.

Then we got dinner at 7-11.

Red Bull Photos by May Truong

The next day we got to Toronto a few hours earlier than normal so A-Trak and Mehdi could lecture at theRed Bull Music Academy. Even after spending a whole week together playing songs, it was still fascinating to hear friends articulate their perspectives and ideas on music - whether its A-Trak talking about escaping the stigma of backpack rap or Mehdi explaining how his productions are closer to the suburban Parisian banlieues than any kind of "fashionable" music.

We couldn't have picked a better way to end the tour than with than the sell-out crowd that packed Revival in Toronto.

Kid Sis rapped her ass off...

Kavinsky did his dance...

A-Trak and Mehdi made sure to drop my favorite song

Then MSTRKRFT came down and PLYD SM RCRDS!

See you all again real soon!

Posted: October 26, 2007
Fool’s Gold Tour Blog: Chicago + Toronto