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Can They Live?

November 01, 2007

If you aren’t up on the generally vicious and spiteful behavior of the neighborhood cabal aiming to bankrupt the good folks at Williamsburg BK watering hole Triple Crown, now’s the time to do brush up. FADER alumna DJ Lindsey and homebrother-in-arms Miles Tipley have been working hard to try and get Tipley &Co’s now-financially insolvent bar off their hands; neighbors and local police did a lot to edge the bar into the red through constant complaints about noise and reams of subsequent tickets—resulting in lost business plus thousands of dollars spent on (ultimately useless) sound proofing. Tipley and his investors have been trying to sell the lease to a more neighborhood-friendly buyer, but the neighborhood coven—still so angry at the Triple Crown owners (we guess nastiness dies hard)—has been trying to block any sale in the hopes of bankrupting the bar’s investors. Beyond praying for karmic retribution,
you can sign the online petition here
watch a cute and informing video about Triple Crown’s plight
, and pester your local reps into staving off this band of bullies. Good luck Triple Crown!!

Posted: November 01, 2007
Can They Live?