Welcome to the New FADER Online Experience!

November 01, 2007

You may or may not notice something different today on TheFADER.COM. It's called "brand newness," and if you didn't notice, you should come here more often. Things obviously look different, but in addition to the cosmetics, we have many new toys and tools to beef up the blog you've come to love (and steal from). Explore, discover, complain (Try not to be a jerk about it though, damn)! But be patient, because we are still working on this puppy.

Some New Features of the The FADER dot com:

Highly focused sub-menus for all major categories
Full Length Features from the magazine
Photo Essays

FADER TV videos all in one place!
Easy Access FADER Podcasts

and much much more…

Posted: November 01, 2007
Welcome to the New FADER Online Experience!