Freeload: Rafter, “Accident”

November 06, 2007

We've taken a shine to San Deigo mult-tasker Rafter since we stumbled upon the promo for his upcoming album Sex, Death, Cassette a couple weeks ago, and since then we've learned that he's making a new song available every week until the album comes out next January 22nd. He's the Lil Wayne of eclectic pop. This one is exclusive to, but you can pick up the rest over at Asthmatic Kitty. Here's how Rafter described "Accident":

rafterroberts: trying to combine minimal house, hip hop,
experimental, lo-fi, and pop

rafterroberts: i've tried and failed a bunch

rafterroberts: but this i feel like hit it just like i wanted it to

rafterroberts: plus, it is a sweet love song, plus, it works well on
repeat. i wrote and recorded it in 3 hours on oct 26.

Download: Rafter, "Accident" (zshare)

Posted: November 06, 2007
Freeload: Rafter, “Accident”