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Black Dice in the USA: Part I

November 13, 2007

You'd think a Black Dice tour photo blog would consist of animated gifs of them riding staticky lightning bolts through cows and stuff but they are real human beings just like you. The FADER dot com will be hosting their dispatches from the road for the next couple weeks so stay tuned and if you're in the USA go see them.

We have some insanely long drives. The above photo was taken during the middle of our 3-day trek between Minneapolis and Seattle it took three days and we listened to about three 8 to 10 hour Ipod DJ sets. The Ipod DJing is as much work as driving.

This excellent example of our road diet was found in Portland Oregon. Bjorn can literally eat anything. He got this crazy ground beef cheese steak sorta thing in Boston called a Wimpy that pretty much set the bar very high for gnarly breakfasts. This is also a contender, but since its Bjorn's too there's not really a contest. It was gone in about three minutes.

Here we are just getting ready to move a boatload of gear and set everything up.

Here's Danny setting up the video projector. We have no remote for the projector so he always has to go out on some precarious ladder right before we go on to turn it on.

Here's a rare sighting of Bjorn behind the merch table. Its a little blurred cuz I thought he'd bolt outta there. We have a new cash incentive program for selling merch so these days Eric does it every night and is moving a lot of units.

This is the audience at the Seattle show taken mid-set! Everyone was super young at this show- I think I even spied a kid that looked 9 years old. Everyone was very enthusiastic, and it was killer, but we felt like some ancient gnarly creatures visiting from another planet. Plus we had to drink in the van which made us feel old.

Here's us loading in the rain. A disadvantage of touring in the Fall is some inclement weather. We have had a few rainy loadouts which is really the worst, but at least there's not a lot of stairs on this one.

First person shoooting has become the new scratch ticket. Our preference is Big Buck Hunter, but shooting aliens is good too.

Poor Dog, he's all over the news right now. His son set him up for money and we all here at Black Dice think that's lame. Equally lame is Dog dropping the N-bomb. But America loves a comeback, so good luck Dog. You're much cooler than Lohan anyday...

Sure, we can talk about the bottle there; a rare rider score. But I'm more curious about what that one hand is doing, and where the other one is... on the big guy...

Posted: November 13, 2007
Black Dice in the USA: Part I