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Dublab: Future Roots to Infinity

November 14, 2007

The Angelenos behind Dublab have been doing internet radio for so long that they once changed Bill Gates' diapers. And now that they've reached their 8th birthday, they've decided to revamp not just their internet presence but their whole organization, upping the productivity and the scope while going non-profit at the same time. That of course means they need your help in the form of money and are throwing an extra special Proton Drive to raise it. Any donation over $20 gets you some pretty lavish rewards along with the fulfillment that only comes from giving. Or jams. Here are a couple to get you in a generous mood from the sold out limited edition Dublab Echo Expansion 12"…

Download: Gaslamp Killer, "Robots"

Download: Daedelus, "Dnt Fk Sgr"

Dublab: Future Roots to Infinity