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The FADER Issue 50 Free Download

November 27, 2007

For FADER 50 we pulled out all the stops, creating a magazine that acts as an encyclopedia of our past fifty (!) issues, covering music from all ends of the spectrum and looking at the scenes that inspired us to keep listening and continue going nuts for the jams that made our magazine. We have features on the Strokes-led resurgence of New York rock, Atlanta's rise to rap dominance, the ghetto archipelago's overlooked influence on the songs that burned our speakers year-in and year-out, as well as a feature on how new club music flipped the game on its head and created a whole new kind of dance party. If that's not enough, we put together a handy A-Z guide of all the things about music and art and fashion that are the building blocks of the magazine, as well as spotlighting a selection of records that influenced everything we listen to now. Wait! There's even more! We also zoomed in on some of our favorite artists' defining characteristics and spotlighted them in portrait form. There's even more to be seen, so don't hesitate to check it out!

We worked very hard to get all that, but you can totally have it for free! That's how much we love you. Get Issue 50 now on iTunes, subscribe via your favorite RSS reader here, or download the individual F50 full-issue PDF here.

Posted: November 27, 2007
The FADER Issue 50 Free Download