Freeload: Food For Animals, “Swampy (Summer Jam)”

November 28, 2007

Food For Animals' album Belly is out next week on Hoss Records. We spoke to FFA's Andrew Field Pickering aka Vulture Voltaire about one of our favorites from the album, "Swampy (Summer Jam)." Download it below, and read what VV has to say about it after the jump.

Download: Food For Animals, "Swampy (Summer Jam)" (right click, save as)

One of our “things” is rapping over some shit that wouldn’t normally be rapped over and having it all come together that way like a flurry of ill shit. I would say though that this beat is one of the more “normal.” Ice Cube could definitely rap over it. That was also why I did the story/anecdote approach, because Nick [Rivetti aka Ricky Rabbit, FFA producer] NEVER makes beats that I can do that to so I took the opportunity. It is definitely our calmest song. Fonky as hell. Nick had the drums all programmed out, and I added that Zapp sample. The drums come from either Nick or I (I can’t remember) playing drums and added computer drums and some 808 Ricky Rabby business. I think we might have even played it live a couple times without the sample and with incomplete lyrics. [There is no chorus] which was always how I wanted to do it because the loop could go on forever I could rap for a looooong ass time on the beat, so I just starting writing about how hot it is, then all of the lyrics flow out of that.

I wrote it in August 05 and living in DC at the time I dug Borf pretty hard, still do, and was listening to a lot of Arthur Russell. I guess the line [Today’s plans: I’m taking mushrooms twice/ For Borf and Arthur Russell] is about honoring them, cuz Borf had just gone to jail and that shit was all in the DC news, and Arthur Russell is dead.

After that line I basically describe that summer exactly: So I might be talking heavy /and I might be walking sweaty/ and I might be on that bus filthy with Rivetti/ and I might be saying “thanks” when I leave and making people guilty/ big epiphanies, ‘these drawers don’t do shit for me.

The end is my favorite shit: we say “peace out” then we bounce/ and outside feels like somebody's mouth/ can't go back home and chill on the couch/ I'd rather hot box somebody's house/ get nice and fuzzy with my buddies cuz they funny and I love y'all/ now we chucklin and coughin/ and laugh for no reason while we're talking/ summer jam.

To be real, I was in Silver Spring that summer because my mom had died in March and I was living with my dad and brother, who had come home from college. And I mean, I smoked pot and yadda yadda, but its a song about the little shit, yea. Actually, the little shit and the shit that can get way bigger than you are, negative and positive. I talk about my dad and brother later in the song but I don’t go too heavy or cosmic or anything in this song. It’s video would be like literally a side-scrolling cartoon of me walking forward Mario 3 style besieged with heat, records, bus rides, pot, and deep thought.

Posted: November 28, 2007
Freeload: Food For Animals, “Swampy (Summer Jam)”