Black Dice in the USA: Part III

November 29, 2007

"By week 3, exhaustion and crippling boredom begins to settle in. Here we are in Iowa City, awaiting three opening bands, tryin to rest up for our 1am set time."

Sounds like fun don't it kids? Remember that the next time you yell at your parents about being an avant-garde noise star. Black Dice sent us the final installment of their road saga which you can see after the jump, and make sure to pick up their latest Load Blown out now on the esteemed Paw Tracks record label.

Bjorn snapped this weird newspaper at a rest area with a photo of a fat giraffe.

At Oberlin, we played with a group called Swords Heaven and their drummer did this intro where he was in bare feet dragging a cymbal tied to his leg making these weird little moaning sounds and yelling. Bjorn took it all in stride even as the dude gets in his face (check the upper right corner).

Eric took this pic of me crashed out at a crazy loft space in Baltimore. This place was really nice, the kids made us a gourmet frittata in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night to realize I'd been sleeping on this big bag of potatos all night.

One of the disadvantages of crashing at a bunch of weird spots and cheap hotels is sometimes you suffer some weird insect bites such as these attacks on Eric's flank.

The DC show wasn't too remarkable, but we did see this car on fire on the way to the venue.

To prepare for Thanksgiving, we visited one of Danny's favorite sandwhich shops in Delaware- I believe its called Capprioti's or something. This sandwhich is called the Bobby and has vegan turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. The small sandwhich is 12 inches, and Danny got the large, which was like 3 ft long.

The Philly show was good, here's a mid-set shot of the kids getting down. Aaron lost an amp at this show, we left it in our haste to drive home to NYC that night!

This is our gear in our practice space elevator after our last load out in Brooklyn. We're home! As you can see our practice space looks like something outta Saw or Hostel, but its good to be back......

Posted: November 29, 2007
Black Dice in the USA: Part III