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NYC: The Sads in Silence

November 29, 2007

At first when we heard about the Sads "silent show" tonight at The JRNL gallery in Brooklyn, we were like "Now that people don't actually have to hear what we're playing, we can finally start our Dadaist fashion noise band Waggy & The Faders." And then we took the time to read a description of the show:

"[It consists] of a single fifteen minute composition using all electronic instruments. The instruments will then be fed into a sound board and fed into 40 separate sets of headphones for the audience. Hence a silent show. The room will be silent, but the headphones will be loud as hell and full of a beautiful new song we wrote."

Oh well. Back to flipping burgers. Check the Sads tonight at 9pm.

Posted: November 29, 2007
NYC: The Sads in Silence