Save The Silent Barn

December 03, 2007

Awesome Ridgewood concert space the Silent Barn (where we recently saw Phosphorescent) is in some trouble. Basically, the short of it is: they were saddled with a huge electric bill from previous tenants and are in danger of losing power forever. If you live anywhere in New York we urge you to hit up one of their upcoming shows, benefit or otherwise. If you don't live in the area though, feel free to donate to For a more detailed rundown of what's going on, check the full letter after the jump.

Hello friends, lovers, enemies of the Silent Barn,

SILENT BARN needs your help!

If you are getting this email, maybe you've played / attended /
covered / thought about coming to a show at SILENT BARN sometime.
First of all, we'd like to say THANK YOU. If you've received this
email in error, or don't want to read it, please know that this is
the only email that we'll ever send out like this.

As some of you may know, Silent Barn is an all ages performance /
art / work / living space in beautiful Ridgewood, Queens. We've had a
good run so far, hosting shows and events for a wide variety of
groups, having extreme fun the whole time, and we'd like to continue
that onward and into the unforeseeable future.

But here's the catch: we just found out that we lost our appeal of a
suit with ConEd, and are receiving notices daily that we owe them
back power bills for the power used by the previous residents of the
space, to the tune of almost $7,000 with interest. OUCH. We are
reaching out to our community for help and ideas, because if we don't
come up with the money soon, ConEd will send some sort of federal
official to shut off the power, effectively ending Silent Barn for good.

So, we are writing to you, dear friends, to ask for help. Have you
played here before? Would you want to do it again as a benefit for
the house? Have you been here before? Keep on coming! Do you have
high powered rich friends who give out handouts to those in need? We
want friends like that! And so on, and so forth.

Spaces like the Silent Barn are ultimately a community effort, and
while this problem isn't exactly uncommon, it is still very real. We
do our best to host and promote events of the highest caliber, and
hopefully we as a community can keep it going. Please get in touch if
you have ANY ideas that will help us work this whole mess out. We are
down to do almost ANYTHING to keep the space healthy and alive,
especially in these cold winter months.

Thank you forever.

xo Silent Barn

Posted: December 03, 2007
Save The Silent Barn