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Freeload: Abe Vigoda, “Dead City/Waste Wilderness”

December 04, 2007

Back in July when we talked to them after a show in Brooklyn, the dudes in Abe Vigoda were still just talking about all the new poppier and cleaner tropicali punk they were working on, but now, thanks to RCRD LBL, we are hearing it. "Dead City/Waste Wilderness," aside from being a perfect description of downtown LA and its environs, is even better than we hoped it would be, a rollicking and uplifting revision of punk and experimentation that could've only, seemingly come from The Smell.

Download: Abe Vigoda, "Dead City Waste Wilderness"

Posted: December 04, 2007
Freeload: Abe Vigoda, “Dead City/Waste Wilderness”