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Stylee Fridays: Christian Joy

January 11, 2008

Christian Joy is without question best known for the otherworldly outfits she conjures up for Karen O (peep the archives pic after the jump to refresh your memory), and she launches her first official ready-to-wear collection this spring. Much of the stage-stopping antics have, quite surprisingly, been side-stepped for a very simple but clever collection in black and white. Dresses come accented with sneaky hints of red and seem to work best accessorized with rouged lips, as demonstrated by O who strikes a pose for the lookbook on the website. Joy's trademark playfulness and sense of fun is still very much in every design—from the mind-trickery of the monochrome palette on the silhouette of a dress, to the 360 degree pockets on a puffy skirt. She's apparently also responsible for the Klaxons' recent makeover in which they ditched all their neons.

From The Collection:

Stylee Fridays
Stylee Fridays: Christian Joy