Freak Scene #25: Blood on the Wall’s Favorite Records

January 22, 2008

Blood on the Wall continue their reign as NYC rocker royalty with their third full length Liferz released today on the Social Registry label. While songs like “Mary Susan” and “Baby Likes to Holler” from their previous records are still rocking our minds and bodies, the band comes with another record of exuberant riffage, impassioned yelps, and even the occasional breathy ballad. What really shows through about Blood on the Wall both on stage and on record is the sincerity, enthusiasm and direct non-pretentious songs for everyone. To celebrate the momentous occasion of a new Blood on the Wall album, Freak Scene asked the band to clue us in to what they are listening to. After the jump are individual picks from both the Shanks siblings as well as tastemaker/drummer Miggy Littleton. While we may not be able to pick up on Jack at Love Garden, there’s much to get into here. Fuckin Liferz for real.

Courtney’s Picks:

Eric Copeland, Hermaphrodite [Paw Tracks and now on vinyl on Post Present Medium]

This record melted my head into sunshine sundays. It is amazing and beautiful. And makes me remember to try to listen to the present - our time. What folks are saying and thinking and being right here where we are in this present day. It is good shit!

When I was home for the holidays, I visited Brad at Love Garden, one of my favorite record stores, and he recommended a couple records that are ruling me.

Life is a Problem...but where there is life, there is hope. [Mississippi Records]

Mississipi Records puts out these heavy stock thick vinyl beautifully done art small pressing releases of music that the average record collector would normally never get to hear. They still don't charge that much for a chunk of heaven that probably cost a lot of time, love and money to produce. This one is old gospel music that will cut you through. If you are in North Portland go to my other favorite record store Mississippi Records and pick up one of their releases. Raise your glasses, raise them high in their words not mine "Always - Love over gold."

Liars, STUMM 287 [Mute]

I've always loved them, but when I put on side 2 and listened to "Freak Out" into "Pure Unevil" I felt like i was floating up into the sky on a bed of clouds made out of heaven. It is what I like to dream in my head and I think you should listen to it and Freak Out.

Pierced Arrows, "In My Brain" and "Caroline" 7-inch [Tombstone Records]

Fred and Toody Cole still kicking everyone’s ass. Fuk yesssssssssssssssssssssss Dead Moon is the answer to everything that ails you and this is their Second Coming.

Brad Shanks’ Picks:

No Age, Weirdo Rippers [Fat Cat]

I know everyone and their ex-girlfriends love this one, but it is well deserved. They have a great formula of leading into almost every song with a beautiful noise sound scape and then dropping a distorted beat and a raw hook that only lasts long enough to make you get blue. I need this record sometimes. Like I will feel bad inside if I don't get to hear "Every artist needs a tragedy" or "boy void" on a daily basis. It really makes me hurt inside. But that hurt is like when you know something is real and pure. Like the love of your favorite cat or the fact you actually made rent, paid your bills, and have enough money left over for a taco and a beer. I wanna play bass for them.

Om, "Pilgrimage" [Southern Lord]

This makes me want to smash my head in with a fucking Nissan truck or some shit. I wish I could play music like this. When ever I try I see these guys laughing at me and I stop. The music makes me feel small and helpless, and I love that when I am driving around in my van Because usually I drive a little crazy. I feel like I can because I am in a van and everyone else is in a prius or something so I do what ever I want because they will get out of the way. Om makes feel like a tiny little groundhog in a pit of snakes, so I use the blinker every time and I always. ALWAYS come to a complete stop.

The sound of JACK the Cat at Love Garden Records in Lawrence, KS.

This isn't really a record, but you should here the meow on this guy. He just turned 18 and he has always lived in the store. He has been there double as long as anyone who works there now. He loves TAD. Fucked up right? TAD! He is super grungy and has dreads. He still bites kids and cant see, but his meow sounds like the spirits of lost lives over thousands of years. He has diabetes and I have to shoot him up with insulin when I work. Pretty sad, but he would call you a pussy if he saw you crying. Yeah, JACK.

Miggy’s Picks:

Michael Hurley, Ancestral Swamp

One of the best songwriters still on the planet. He's made great records for over 40 years now. How many artists can you say that about? "Dude the 12th record fuckin' rules."

Washington Phillips, What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?

Beautiful vinyl reissue of these classic gospel recordings from 1927-1929.
Phillips played a homemade instrument called the Dolceola. It's sounds a bit like a toy piano and like nothing you have ever heard.

Ida, Lover's Prayers

Excellent new album with great harmonies and arrangements. A lot of amazing musicians on this one including Levon Helm who is possibly the greatest singing rock drummer of all time...

Joe McPhee, Nation Time

I can't stop listening to this incredible record my bro just laid on me. It was recorded live in 1970. I guess if you had to categorize it you could call this some heavy free jazz shit. The playing is so soulful it will surely split your head wide open. Thanks bro!

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Posted: January 22, 2008
Freak Scene #25: Blood on the Wall’s Favorite Records