Weekend Party Freeload: DJ Orgasmic, “Feels Like St. Tropez”

February 01, 2008

Wow, we were pretty much content to let Kanye and Teddy Pain's "Good Life" be our breezy summer wedding song (yes, "we" are going to marry "us.") when Arcade Mode sent us DJ Orgasmic's remix off the Eurogirls Go To Baltimore, Vol. 1 comp, released today. Now that shit is like midnight of the honeymoon + 900 ecstacies + and a box of edible underpants + where is that girl we married + oh shit we're in jail in Antigua this is fucked!

Eurogirls is the first in Orgasmic and Jean Nipon's mini series of Baltimore Club EPs, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, each of which, as Arcade Mode puts it, contain:

8 tracks, a few classics, some club favourites, but most of it is brand new, made by Europe’s wildest producers and djs, and quite frankly closer to European House music than conservative Bmore executions.

Contributors include Bobmo, Round Table Knights, Kazey & the Bulldog and the hosts.

Download: DJ Orgasmic, "Feels Like St. Tropez"

Weekend Party Freeload: DJ Orgasmic, “Feels Like St. Tropez”