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Stylee Friday’s: Kesh Does LFW

February 22, 2008

Aside from being a bit of a big deal, the MAN fashion show in London, is a really really fun show because
a) it's 100% man-focused, b) you get three indie menswear designers for the price of one and c) at least one of those three designers is destined for future fashion greatness (Cassette Playa has been part of the show in seasons past). It's curated by Fashion East and Topman so we were pretty psyched to find out that our girl Kesh, the 21-year old fashion designer/ DJ was in the handpicked line-up. Kesh has been designing since the age of 12 and selling her tees by the truckload on her website for the past couple of years, but this show is our first peek at a full-blown collection, a coming-of-age style showcase of sorts. With rude-boy quilted sweatpants, lumber jack shorts in purply hues and giant appliqué apples outlined with equally giant stitching her debut collection has all the playful fizzy energy that we were hoping for (the big apple tees have Yeezy written all over them) while hitting the wearability button squarely on the nose. We only hope that next next time Kesh will throw in a few pieces in for the ladies too. In the meantime, we're belting our XL sweatsuits.

Posted: February 22, 2008
Stylee Friday’s: Kesh Does LFW