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Video: Little Dragon, “Test” (Not To Be Confused With Lucky Dragons)

February 28, 2008

You know when you have those moments where you’re all “MY HEART IS A CALCIFIED STONE. I WILL NEVER LOVE AGAIN,” but then something happens and you realize you actually will love again, you were just being overly dramatic? That just happened in the FADER office, when we heard this band LITTLE DRAGON, and realized we were over the fricken moon. They are from Sweden and they are MySpace friends with former FADER cover stars Love is All, and their music is like spaced-out minimal R&B lullabies with piano and weird but totally not misplaced moments of dub echoes and free jazzy solos (!) and their singer Yukimi Nagano's smoky, conversational mic swagger is one of the loveliest sounds we've heard in a minute.

Also if you click on the "Audio / Video" section of their their website, you can see the video for their piano ballad "Twice," which has PUPPETS in it—proving that Little Dragon + The FADER=Soul Mates. Please go fall for them yourself—abstractly we are into Big Love nahmean.

Posted: February 28, 2008
Video: Little Dragon, “Test” (Not To Be Confused With Lucky Dragons)