On The Street: We Saw Colors

March 03, 2008

Color Chart premiered at the MoMA last Saturday eve and to kick off the exhibit the DFA roster (Holy Ghost!, the Juan MacLean, T&T, Justin Miller & Jacques Renault) spun us into a psychedelic electro rave—think Damien Hirst meets glow sticks. Ok, so maybe not that dramatic, but we definitely had a healthy serving of color-clad styles and even some Jasper Johns ‘Grey’ enthusiasts to counter the neon spray. While we sported our own versions of vintage black, others balled out in bright pink jumpers and electric yellow-blocked sweaters. Still, there’s no denying the subtle dark shades of one particular geometric coat and a finely executed cap'd couplet. Lesson learned: grey does love neon.

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On The Street
Posted: March 03, 2008
On The Street: We Saw Colors