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Freeload: Telepathe, “Chromes On It” (Kingdom Remix)

March 04, 2008

Along with drum n bass and backpacks (word to undergroundrapfanbreakdancing420@gmail.com), fractals are totally back. DJ Kingdom's new mixtape, succinctly titled Volume 2, combines all three, and pops it off with the BKLYN wee-chick fight track "You Don't Know Michelle" by OMG MICHELLE, produced by (OMG) KINGDOM! Other indulgences: Telepathe's "Chromes on It," Remix (complete with Ace of Bass style talking dude vocals at the end) and a Scottie B remix that Bmore-izes “Pump Up the Jam,” and tops it with a feathery vocal performance from Maggie Horn. You can cop that for $9.99 on Kingdom's MySpace, or NYers can get it free at the release joint this Saturday at Monkeytown in "North Brooklyn." Check Kingdom's remix of Telepathe's "Chrome's On It" out below when you download it.

Download: Telepathe, "Chromes On It" (Kingdom Remix)

Posted: March 04, 2008
Freeload: Telepathe, “Chromes On It” (Kingdom Remix)