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Other People’s Parties: Napalm Death Meets No Kids

March 14, 2008

It's been a minute since we rocked Scum on cassette on the regular, but when we heard Napalm Death was playing we had to weasel our way into their 1:20 (in the afternoon!) set. Do they even have any original members? Who cares. Fast drums from the UK! Intensely super fast and taught and tight and stop on the dime (or maybe on a pence [a shilling?]) They dedicated their set to "free thinkers, those who are athiest and prochoice." That shit was fucking rad. They are old, they could have been like, "this is dedicated to other old people!" Can we say fuck on the internet? If we can let's just do it quick right now, Fuck yeah. Also, did you know that good looking people like metal? Who is the girl in Anticimex jacket? Why do we still know what that is?

And walking back from our gallivant we heard something familiar and possibly the exact inverse of Napalm Death, this week's featured Slept On group, No Kids! Wow they were both heartily bemused and mortified that they were playing. It was, um, not amazing like the record is and maybe shouldn't exist live but then they finished and were like "hey uh that was our first show" and then they yelled at each other and it was like "oh man they really are mortified!" and what's more endearing than that? Okay, maybe a lot of things. Woo Texas!

Posted: March 14, 2008
Other People’s Parties: Napalm Death Meets No Kids