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On The Street: Smart Art

March 20, 2008

Last night we got smart and caught a free margarita-serving party bus downtown for the release of Sideways: A Smart Art Project (more on the party bus later.) Sideways is the collaboration of contemporary multimedia artists who were inspired by a greener future. Somewhere in there the new Smart Car had a role in the art pieces—trees growing out of cars? What we really got inspired by was the "smart" styles lingering about, making spectacles the official clever endeavor for attendees. This all fits perfectly with our newly established office attire of well-placed scarves, rolled pant legs, statement eyewear and as always, PLAID (which one particular editor will still be wearing at eighty.) All in all we’d say it was quite a learning experience.

Note: The La Palapa Party Bus runs through Sunday, taxiing you back and forth from the St. Marks restaurant to their spot in the West Village, and, yes, we are well aware that it lands nowhere near downtown but it still made us feel smarter then walking to the subway.

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On The Street
Posted: March 20, 2008
On The Street: Smart Art