Video: Teyana Taylor, “Google Me”

March 20, 2008

Because of singer-rapper-style maven Teyana Taylor, "google me" has replaced "WHAT" as both an all-purpose catchphrase, and as a comeback when anyone is tryna bust on us. i.e. "Can you get that paperwork to me, stat?" Response: "I been putting that paperwork on your desk, hoss! Google me!" OR: "Hey shawty you lookin fiiiine today." Response: "Google me, suga pie."

So imagine our delight when Teyana's video debuted with all the saltitude and bright brightness we have come to expect from our fave uptown teen superstar: alternately dressed as a prom princess, an ice-cream truck worker and a pirate.

AND. In case you missed FADER's on-set interview from the filming of "Google Me," clickle it here, petit friendsicles!

Posted: March 20, 2008
Video: Teyana Taylor, “Google Me”