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Video: Uncensored Director’s Cut Of Mavado’s “Last Night”

March 20, 2008

Our kings and queens over at VP records just sent us this riggedy-raw uncut version of “Last Night” with permission to blast and a note that said “now with gunshots!!! only $9.99.” For real, that’s what it said. This is the official world-world premier-premiere of Little X’s director’s cut, complete with restored footage of hockey-mask youths busting off shots and NFAP language. If you never had a college radio show that’s not-for-airplay and the fact that they have to censor this stuff now means the FCC must be getting pretty savvy with their urban dictionary searches because for the longest time you could be all ‘bumboclot’ and say the most terrible offensive shit on the radio and it was like ‘who knew’?

Anyway just to reiterate this is one of our favorite Mavado chunes, showcasing his vocals at their spooky, gangsterish best without sacrificing the power of the riddim the way some of his more Tupacish, ballady stuff does. The gangster-flick feel of the video just enhances the cinematic experience, so put the kids to bed and enjoy it in all it’s x-rated glory.

Posted: March 20, 2008
Video: Uncensored Director’s Cut Of Mavado’s “Last Night”