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Exclusive Freeload: Lil Boosie’s Da Beginning Mixtape

March 27, 2008

Anybody who stopped by the FADER Fort in Texas got a sneak preview of FADER 53 and Lil Boosie glaring from the shadows via Jonathan Mannion's covershot. Yeah yeah another rapper looking mean. But Boosie and Trill Fam are beyond simple reductions. From his hair to his shrill to his anger management sessions, Boosie cuts a unique figure and we have his new mixtape Da Beginning as evidence. Trill Entertainment's in-house boardman BJ produced a bunch of stark, solemn, guitar-laden minimalist sounds (along with some other dudes) that some see as the next step for the South, and when Boosie fills up the spaces, it makes Baton Rouge sound like it might be the capital of rap's avant garde. Judge for yourself.

Download: Lil Boosie, Da Beginning Mixtape

Posted: March 27, 2008
Exclusive Freeload: Lil Boosie’s Da Beginning Mixtape