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Freeload: E-40 f. Lil Jon, “Turf Drop”

March 27, 2008

Remember the last time 40 and Jon made a record together? Oh of course you do because it was everywhere and made your 6-year-old cousin jump out of the station wagon on the way to school that one day and break his leg. So anyway, dudes are back and it sounds familiar, yes, but 40's familiar is fucking awesome so just deal with it. Also, they have a Myspace page just for this song, which is funny, and you can upload your "turf drop" youtubes on it in hopes of getting a spot in the official video, which is also funny. We were also noticing how Yay Area dance videos look just like old skate videos and that's pretty cool, so if someone could upload one that looks like Search for Animal Chin we will give you high fives.

Download: E-40 f. Lil Jon, "Turf Drop"

Posted: March 27, 2008
Freeload: E-40 f. Lil Jon, “Turf Drop”