The FADER Issue 53 Free Download

April 01, 2008

If you were to make a list of all the Ultimate Jams included in Issue 53 of the FADER (the real Issue 53), you'd have enough great songs to hold you over forever, or until the next issue of The FADER. We talked to Italians Do It Better flagship group Glass Candy in Portland, went to Baton Rouge to hang with Lil Boosie, drank beers in Vancouver with Ladyhawk, and hung in Brooklyn with the new guard of DFA, trancehall genius Ricky Blaze, and the dream poppers known as Telepathe. We also hit up star-in-the-making Estelle and next big thing Demarco to find out what they were up to. If that wasn't enough, we also talked to a billion more dudes and dudettes who are making some of the most exciting music around. Check out all that stuff and a bunch more now for zero dollars (free!) below.

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Posted: April 01, 2008
The FADER Issue 53 Free Download